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This very selfish page is intended to serve as a placeholder for my upcoming personal web site. I want to do something better then just "Under Construction". But we all realize that "upcoming" might be year(s), and "nothing is more permanent then temporary", so don't be surprised if it sticks here. So, friends, welcome to my Web Home.


I am a Programmer, a Software Developer, an Architect, a Development Manager, a Certified Scrum Master and an Agile Coach. Yeah, all at once :-)

View Dmitri Zimine's profile on LinkedIn Presently I am a Senior Director of Software Development at Opalis Software. I love the company and I am married on this job. It is extremely challenging, often intimidating, but very rewarding. Well, could be more lucrative. Always could be. I don't maintain a formal resume, but you can check out my profile on LinkedIn

I am an active member of XpToronto/Agile User Group, Design Patterns Study Group, and Agile Coaches group (the later is in a forming state at the moment).

Some nights I log into my blog and write my private thoughts on agile software development at "Software Frontier" is the name of my consulting company. I will concentrate on it more after I am done with Opalis. We will be helping teams to better develop better software, and feel better about that. Today, it is promoting agile methods, eXtreme Programming, Scrum, light weight RUP and Test Driven Development. Tomorrow, we may come up with something even better.

On the personal side,

two family projects are coming up: Timothy's Blog and a Photo Gallery on Flickr.

I am thinking of starting a personal blog: "The Dark Side of Dmitri". I want it because I find my writing too restricted by the professional flavor of Software Frontier Blog. On the other hand, I am not sure if I want to indulge in graphomania. As a result, is still empty.

Graphomania is not the only sin I indulge in: garrulity is another one. To challenge myself with public speaking I joined Toastmasters. Everyone knows what Toastmasters is; if you don't, check it out ASAP. For almost two years I have been with Toronto Business Toastmasters . Recently I am with Toronto #1 Toastmasters.

Together with my friend Const, we started This project is not taking off - we are just not really serious about it. But we have a lot of fun with our inflatable catamaran, the website, and occasional folks who come and check it out. This year I am sold on sailing keelboats: I am a crew member at The National Yacht Club; and I am taking a "Basic Cruising" course.

In 1999-2000 I created a site "Словения и мы" at Surprisingly it is still up. I just checked it and - I can't believe it! - I am #1 on Google for “Словения"! Man, I'd better brush it up!


My favorite reading is "The Glory and the Dream: A Narrative History of America" by William Manchester. I have been reading it for two years, I enjoy every page. Yeah, with this pace I can well enjoy every letter.

The other interests are numerous but currently abandoned: music, guitar, marshal arts, canoeing, backpacking, psychology, philosophy, wine, sunflowers and movies twice a year.